Holding the space for your healing.

Cathy feels it is her job is to “go to work for Spirit” and believes each session is Divinely guided. She is given symbols, messages and guidance and will share them with you, as this is very much a collaborative effort. She welcomes the opportunity to assist and serve, and would be honored to join you in a Source Session toward a more balanced, peaceful self. 



Client Love

Chantelle Williamson, LMT

A session with Cathy feels like a warm blanket has been wrapped around you.  Messages are delivered with compassion while a calming energy flows through you.  Afterwards, your mind radiates with clarity and your body with ease.  I recommend Dharma Energy & Spirit to anyone seeking complete health for body, mind and spirit.

Mary Kay B.

I am so grateful for my experience with Cathy Thrash recently. She calls it energy work, and for me that was a good name for it. You can’t really name it or label what happens in her sessions. For me there was some warm and cool feelings in my body and emotions came up. There were also moments of insight that were started. Like seeds of clarity! Those moments grew over the next 4 days. I was exhausted for 24 hours after the session but have felt so light and enlivened and hopeful about life once again. I am feeling like I’m reconnected to my intuition, my inner knowing.  

I totally feel like Cathy moved my energy. Of course I came with an open mind; I helped, but God Bless this woman. What a gift.

Lisa E.

Cat was able to make an intimate connection for me with my loved ones on the other side.  She was also able to channel my son for me, who is severely disabled and has not been able to speak since birth.  I was able to communicate with him for the first time and it was truly unbelievable.  

These contacts have been life changing for me and the experiences were priceless.

Whether Cat helps you with her mediumship capabilities or her psychic healing, you will be certainly glad you made the call.

Brianna H.

Sitting down with Cat is always an adventure! She brings such a beautiful open heart to each session, and makes it so easy to let go and relax into the healing process. Her insight and guidance is beyond priceless, and her willingness to surrender to God in the session makes it so easy to do the same! I love that I never know what to expect when we begin, and I know that as long as I show up with a willingness to hear, she’ll help clarify the messages and experiences with me. 

Each session is a journey; witnessing it unfold and receiving the healing is impossible to describe. As I emerge from a session with Cat, I always feel renewed and refreshed, armed with new insight and steps to move forward! She truly has a gift of prophecy.